Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Autobahn simplified

Most think of the Autobahn as this sole German highway that has unlimited speed. That is partially right. The Autobahn is a highway system like in the United States. Equivalent to you local Interstate, such as I 55, I 40, I 95. They have many Autobahns, such as A 6, A3, A5. There is "unlimited" speed outside of cities. Some insurance companies will not cover a accident if you are going over 130 KPH (80 MPH). This is also the speed in most city areas and interchanges with other autobahns. They will slow the speed down to as low as 80 KPH (50 MPH) when in congested or high traffic areas. Like Interstate highways, the Autobahns can range from 4 lanes to 6,8 or 10 in the cities. Between the cities you get the sign for no restrictions, a white round sign with 5 thin lines at a diagonal.Now you think it is pedal to the metal. There is another problem there. You ca get speed up in areas but usually not for long. I personally have been going 120 MPH (193 KPH) and had cars tailgating me to get around. They will ride close enough to your rear bumper that you can not see their lights. A few German laws are, you must yield right of way when traveling slower that other traffic, when you can get over safely. Trucks can only travel at 80 KPH(50 MPH), buses can travel no faster than 100 KPH(62 MPH), and some drivers have a restriction of 120 KPH(75 MPH) on their license due to vision or other handicaps. So there you are doing 130 MPH(209 KPH) down the road and a few hundred yards in front of you a truck traveling at 50 MPH(80 KPH) decides he wants to pass. They do not care how fast you are closing, they will hit the blinker and pull into you lane very fast. So you have 10-15 car lengths to get slowed down so you do not rear end them. If you do hit them then you have a hefty fine, and the repair costs to cover, aside from what you insurance covers. You can not "brake check" those tailgaters either, you will be found fully or partially at fault for not clearing your rear before braking. If you are not German you can garauntee that you will found at fault if in a accident. I had a car pass 2 cars turning right, cross a double white line, and head on me as I started a left turn, I had right of way the way the turn was set up, except for oncoming traffic, which should have been good if they followed the traffic laws. I had a Military Police officer witness the crash, he was one of the people turning, and was still found at fault. So in all you can reach high speeds on the Autobahn, just not for more than a few miles if you are lucky. I hope you better understand the German Autobahn system now. Just a FYI there is also a 600 Euro fine for rude gestures, swerving at people and several other American traditions, and of course they can just call in your plates and your description and if you are not German, you will be found guilty immediately. Sundays is the best time if you want to get a fast ride in, they trucks, except for the food haulers, are not allowed to drive until 10 PM.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Burning of the Qur'an

   It is amazing how this Terry Jones thinks first off that burning a book will solve or prove anything. Next he thinks that a pastor of a small church in Gainsville, Florida has the know how to broker a deal with one of the top Islamic figures in the United States over the building of a mosque. This is another time that book burning will solve nothing, as in days of old when the local reverand would rally and burn books of ill intent or unholy reading. Actions like this take us back 60 years. The Quar'an is a suplimental book to the Torah meant to correct any misinterpritations or errors. This actually makes it equiviallant to the christan Book of Mormon read from hidden golden tablets by Joseph Smith. These books mean a lot to the followers of these religions, whether we belive them or not. You can pick apart these books if you are a non-believer to no end.
    We can try to justify this action to the burning of the American flag, which is 2 different things completely. One is assoiciated with a country, founded on christian beliefs, and the other is a major symbol of a religion. Christains and Muslims alike have their radicals, and their cults. We had Jim Jones, David Koresh, while the Muslim religion has Osama bin Laden and others.